When it comes to optics, the first image that comes to my mind is the small Polaroid camera that I had when I was just a small boy. It was fun as it gave me instant results. Polaroid’s may not be that common any more but they have a huge segment in the eye-wear market.
Designer brands like Gucci, Ray ban and Oakley are surely out there and they are worth the money and the brand but like Polaroid says you are missing out on something. Being a Polaroid fan myself, I went through their brochure. It was a simple one with a normal layout with no compelling designs.
They had their polarized lenses that give credit to the name Polaroid as it is meant to be in the science world– blah blah it’s to do something with the way the light travels. Well what it really means is that it blocks almost all strain caused by reflection form a source while driving or just a normal sunbath on the beach. There are various prescription sunglasses available in the stores now.
What I really liked was the Thermofusion technology that they developed and exclusively used in their Ultrasight range. This technology assures high polarity and accurate optics and is way better than other lenses. The Ultrasight TM Plus of prescription sunglasses was what I liked the best as it has all the pluses of the Ultrasight lenses and is lighter in lens density than the former. Though they are lighter the shock resistance is at par or even better.
The polarization of the lenses is the core benefit and you can really see a difference when you try them on. They are very comfortable to the eyes and you feel no strain viewing any abject immaterial of the distance they are at. With a 100% glare free vision and real optical contrast and a viewing technology that renders true colors, I would mind spending my cash on the Polaroid. This is the best bet in the prescription sunglasses market!

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When it’s about crockery

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My mother is an avid fan of a very spacious kitchen adored with spunk, chic kitchen wares. She loves decorating her kitchen with the extensive pieces of crockery she purchases. Speaking truth I never understood her flair or the passion for new crockery every time she has. And so I miss the appropriate sense required for picking up crockery set when on an exhibition or village fare. Any ways it being my weakness, I have tried to work upon the issue to suit the need of my mother, however good or bad it may be. Well, throwing some more light upon this crockery issue, I would like to share my experience of buying crockery set from the glass door exhibition that was organized in the country city park some 15 days back. I was accompanied there with a friend, as she shared some common interest in the field of crockery as does my mother. She purchased two pieces of lemon sets, one of which was for me. It was wooden brown in color giving it a very much natural look, Well, the night I presented it to my mother, I was adored all the while for my crockery sense. I got some useful tips from this blog: http://www.articlesbase.com/food-and-beverage-articles/crockery-what-you-need-to-know-2017627.html

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Sport sprain

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I am a big freak out of sports and outdoor activities; the freakishness is sometimes so boundless that I forget that I am harming my body somehow when performing such acrobatic deeds. Nevertheless these comments and scolds only seldom have an impact on my fearless soul. I keep packing my bags for every other adventure tour or a match be it tennis or be it basketball. Well, that was all about me on my behalf, now I would like to share what my mother perceives, According to her I am a wayward child because I hardly listen to her warnings and I am very stubborn to what I want. I had hated these words of my mother till the date when I developed a ligament fracture while eloping from my terrace to a neighbor’s terrace. It was that fine day that I realized that mummy is never wrong, and she never warned me in pain. Well it is human tendency I suppose, you only understand when you suffer the consequences of the deeds, and guys I am suffering those consequences of my stubborn deeds very badly. Wish I get well soon.

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Night before exam

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I guess I may top the list of exam haters if there would be any survey around the world which shall compare the haters of exam in this world. Exams usually have given me sickness and setbacks. God knows why but the day of exam it is a sort of nervous system breakdown kind of disorder for me.

Guys please don’t you mock me for that, it is very much of real and practical occurrence for me I suppose, or I suffer from exam phobia. Well I leave that decision for you people only. I have very bad experiences of exams, especially the night before exam. The last exam I managed to complete was more or less of the same type, so scary and so unnatural, and friends do you know the other interesting thing that happens with me when I am busy writing exam. Perhaps you may not believe me but a few of you might agree do this, I am quite sure about it, Yeah, my ears keep ringing with the latest album numbers and music all throughout the paper and I keep tapping my feet in the rhythm as I write.

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The gully cricket match

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Cricket is the most loved and the most played Indian games all over the country. As an avid fan of cricket I believe cricket to be mixed very profoundly in my blood veins. The similar is the case with my colony friends, when it’s about the extremeness or the madness about cricket. There is a lot of bloodshed and celebration when it’s about team India winning a match. Prior to this world cup we the colony members betted a came with the other sector of our colony. The bet was whatsoever team wins shall do bowl 10 over’s extra and with slow balls so that the batsmen has all the opportunity and freedom to hit huge sixes. Well this notorious kind of bet was introduced by me, as I was supposed to be the umpire of the match. Perhaps it was the only safe side in the match, with the least risk involved. Besides the umpire has to simply judge and enjoy refreshments. Perhaps you guys would mock me and make fun of me. Well in that case I would say that who cares? Well our gully match ended in draw as rain came pouring so heavily.

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Running a uk daily deal

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Talking from personal experience, I can tell you that daily deals can work wonders for your business. Despite contrary reports about an instable business climate, if you are a small business owner, don’t ignore the potential of daily deals for your business. Here are the three most common steps to keep in mind to make money from daily deals.

1. It is no secret that a daily deal sells a product on the promise of discount. Having said that make sure your discounted price is within your profit margin, or if strictly for promotion, limit your losses by restricting the maximum number of goodies you will sell at the discounted price.

2. Check out the reviews for the coupons, deals and competition sites, deal nerd provides reviews on all the deals from the major sites like living social and groupon uk.

3. Be well-prepared to handle deal seekers. You may suddenly notice that a lot of offers come from a single location at once. Chances are that deal seekers are trying to hoard your products to sell them later after your discounted price offer is over. Decide on the maximum volume you can handle and stick to it.

4. Get your employees motivated and on your side to persuade one time customers into becoming regulars at your company to maximize profits from your daily deals promotion.


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